Posters & Brochures

Posters and Brochures

Tools to stimulate health-literate conversations between health professionals and their clients


These posters are designed to stimulate health literate conversations between health professionals and their clients and to encourage clients to ask questions when they don’t understand the information or guidance they receive.

Health Professional Brochure

In It Together  Brochure II
This resource provides health literacy information and approaches to help health professionals offer clear HIV care and treatment information to their clients while engaging them in discussions about their desired health outcomes. The brochure is designed to help health professional design and deliver materials, services, and space that make it easier for their clients to navigate, understand, and use health information and services to improve their health outcomes.

Consumer Brochures

The consumer brochures are designed to help individuals living with HIV understand what health literacy is and why health literacy is important to their HIV care and treatment.